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Americana is a variant of Five-Card Stud. Americana is played with a short French deck. The French deck only has thirty-two (32) cards, ranging from Ace to Seven. Compared to an ordinary deck, all Twos to Sixes have been stripped from the deck. It becomes easier to get better hands in Americana.

With this changed deck, Americana is played as similar as possible to ordinary 5 Card Stud. The game starts by all players putting a small amount of money in the pot; it is played with an ante. Before the first round of betting, each player dealt a card face down followed by a card face up. Now players can bet, call, fold or raise. For those who stay in, another card is dealt face up and there is a second round of betting. Two more rounds of face up cards with betting sees the final betting taking place with each player left displaying one card face down (also known as the hole card) and four cards with their faces exposed.

The rules difference to Five-Card Stud is attributed to the short deck. Normal hand ranking is not applicable as it is easier to get a full house than a flush. This is considered in the short deck hand ranking. A-7-8-9-T is the lowest straight. Also as there are fewer cards the games are by necessity short-handed, no more than 6 players can play in the same game.
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June 29th, 2006
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