Badugi - Poker game review
Badugi is a less frequently spread poker game with a long description. This does not make it inaccessible or too complicated to play. Badugi is a four card triple draw lowball game, where aces are low and suits matter. The closest relatives to Badugi are ordinary Triple Draw and Razz. Badugi most likely originated in Asia and is also known as Badougi or Padooki. The popularity of the game is growing in the United Sates and the online world since a major poker network added it to its roster of games.

The best hand in Badugi, is a Badugi. A Badugi is a hand with 4 cards of different ranks and different suits. Since Badugi is lowball game the best possible hand is a A 2 3 4. While the cards in a hand should not be of the same suit there is no ranking of the suits; that is a heart is not better than a spade or anything like that. In fact any Badugi is a decent hand as opposed to a counterfeited hand like A 3 4 4 or 2 4 5 6 which are only ‘three-card hands’. Something that makes Badugi interesting is the hefty pots that can develop in combination with the large counterfeiting prospective and generally low strategy knowledge in an unconventional game.
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