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˝ Hold'em & ˝ Omaha is foremost a tournament format. It is not an elaborate rotational game like HORSE or SHOE but it is not one single game either. The time or number hands is divided equally between the two premier (high) community card games Texas Hold'em and Omaha.

The illustration of ˝ Texas Hold’em and ˝ Omaha may be puzzling if you are not one of the 999 inhabitants (at the time of the 2000 census) of Omaha, Texas which the image shows. While it certainly could be argued whether the poker game of Omaha has anything to do with the city of Omaha in the state of Nebraska, the city of Omaha, TX has nothing to do with it. To shortly continue the non poker trivia, the name actually stems from the Omaha in Alabama. In 1886 the citizens of Morristown, TX had grown tired of their name. Consequently a number of name suggestions from their former state of Alabama went into a hat. Since the Omaha note was drawn, Morris County now has a town with a to poker players eclectic name: Omaha, Texas.
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