Hold'em & Omaha Hi/Lo - Poker game review
Hold'em & Omaha Hi/Lo is primarily a tournament format or something played at live ring games. It is not as an elaborate rotational game as HORSE or SHOE but it is not one single game either. Either the time or the number of hands is divided equally between two of the most popular poker games: Texas Hold'em and Omaha Hi/Lo. The only poker room on the Internet which features this game is Bugsy's Club.

Interstate 35 could serve as a symbol for Texas Hold'em & Omaha Hi/Lo Half and Half for two reasons. One, it just about connects Omaha in Nebraska to Texas; thereby linking the two namesakes. Two, the I-35 is the only interstate highway in the United States to be split into divisions with suffix letters (I-35E from Dallas to St. Paul and I-35W from Fort Worth to Minneapolis); thereby being a kindred to one of few mixed games in the poker world.
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