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You do not need a lucky horseshoe to win at HORSE, you need good allround poker skills. HORSE is a mixed game or tournament. In a way it is not one game, but five. In it self HORSE is not widely recognized; the first time it was played in the WSOP was in 2002. The five different games which spell out the acronym H.O.R.S.E. vary in popularity themselves.

The H stands for Hold’em and it needs no introduction. O is the O from Omaha High-Low. Note that it is not the Omaha Hi version which is played but the split pot version. Omaha in general used to be a game played mostly by seasoned veterans but has seen an influx of fresh blood from the quite similar Holdem tables in recent years. R as in Razz is the most seldom spread game out of the five. Razz nevertheless has steady following attracted by the pure low game. Razz is the first of three stud games. The next stud game is honoured with the accronym’s S. Seven-Card Stud was the most popular poker version before the Holdem craze and still stands strong. The final E comes from the Eight or Better Seven-Card Stud version. The second high-low split pot game concludes the rotation.

The five forms of poker are played in rotation either by shifting after a stipulated time period has passed or after the dealer button makese a full round. Online it is unfortunately difficult to spread HORSE ring games because of the fear of players sitting out their weaker games. In tournaments however (MTT’s and SNG’s) the rising blinds and antes punnishes this tactics. With the advent of the $50,000 WSOP HORSE event, more and more players are finding HORSE to be an exciting ride!
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