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Soko is a variant of Five-Card Stud. Soko is also known as Scandinavian Stud or Canadian Stud. In Scandinavia the game is known as Soko but with “dots” on the vowels, Sökö. The difference between Soko and regular Five-Card Stud lies in the hand ranking.

The mechanics of the games are the same. First each player is dealt two cards, where the first is turned face down. There is a round of betting. Thereafter three more cards are followed by three more rounds of betting. Antes and bring-ins are used. The dealer button does not produce a positional advantage.

In Soko two more poker hands are added to the regular hand ranking table. Flushes and straights are extremely uncommon in 5-Card Stud. Therefore a player is awarded for almost getting there. Four-straights and four-flushes are genuine poker hands in Soko. The hands are squeezed in between pair and two pair in value. The hand ranking becomes from the bottom towards the top: high card, pair, four-straight, four-flush, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house and so on. This does not alter the game a whole lot but it does create a few more interesting situations.
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