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Telesina is an elaborate poker variant. Out of the major poker variants it mostly resembles Five-Card Stud. Telesina is also known as Teresina and has ties to the Telesina valley and San Remo. The mechanics of the Telesina game is not the same as in 5 Card Stud and the game is played with a short deck. In fact Telesina is not a pure Stud game.

Telesina begins just as Five-Card Stud, with ante and two cards whereof one is a hole card. After which there will be 3 more cards dealt face up to each remaining player; with a betting round after each card. The sixth card however is a community card, shared by all players.

The sixth community card and the fact that Telesina is played with a strip-deck of 32 cards all Twos to Sevens removed makes Telesina more of an action game. The short deck makes the hand ranking different, a flush beats a full house. Telesina is the only Stud and Holdem mix poker variant available online today.
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June 29th, 2006
June 29th, 2006
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