53 Online Qualifiers Shared an Extra $265,000 in UB's 2010 WSOP 'Show Up, Get Paid' Promotion

Online qualifiers at the leading online poker site joined UB at the World Series of Poker for some Sin City poker and fun, plus they got paid at least $3,750 just for turning up.
MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - 07/26/10) - UB's Show Up, Get Paid promotion asked their qualifiers to turn up in Las Vegas, take their seat at the World Series Of Poker*("WSOP"*) Main Event, and wear the UB logo. That's all that it took for UB's online qualifiers to claim a share of the progressive prize pool that swelled to an impressive $265,000 when each of them chose to join Team UB in Sin City. Even more impressive is they didn't even have to finish in the money at the WSOP* Championship event to earn the extra dollars in cold, hard, 'line-your-wallet-with-it' cash.
"This promotion is amazing and even if you bust out on the first hand, you still make good money," said Team UB's highest placed pro player Adam Levy, who finished 12th in the 2010 WSOP* Main Event. "To someone who started from Step 1 at UB and worked it all the way up, that's a considerable chunk of change."
With a super cool, new look and style unveiled at the 2010 WSOP*, Team UB was the hottest posse of poker players to hang with at the RIO this year. Couple this with the site's WSOP* progressive prize pool, and it proved to be the push UB players were looking for to entice more of them to play the 2010 WSOP* Main Event - 53 of them to be exact, and each of them pocketed a minimum of $3,750 of the 'Show Up, Get Paid' prize money.
Four of them excelled, going deeper in the tournament to cash in the Main Event, and automatically adding a stellar $20,312.50 (including the $3,750) to their WSOP*payouts, compliments of UB.
Here's a snapshot of who they are and what they won at the WSOP*:
Chris Bolt - 53rd place $168,556 + $20,312.50 = $188,868.50
Meenakshi Subramaniam - 67th place $114,205 + $20,312.50 = $134,517.50
Michael Adamo - 564th place $ 24,079 + $20,312.50 = $ 44,391.50
Donald Himpele - 725th place $ 19,263 + $20,312.50 = $ 39,575.50
With the four online qualifiers, three Team UB Pros (Adam Levy, Eric Baldwin and Brandon Cantu), and two Friends of UB (Shawn Rice and Jon Friedberg) valiantly battling their way into the money, if ever there was a year to be part of Team UB at the WSOP*, 2010 has been it. Their combined WSOP* prize money totals over $1.2 million, and for the qualifiers, this result turned up some career best performances in a tournament that boasts a field of 7,319 runners and plays out over a marathon two weeks.
Whatever the outcome for UB online qualifiers, hanging with Team UB promised to be nothing short of a whole new level of exciting -- and by all accounts, it didn't disappoint. Each of the 53 online qualifiers who took the punt on themselves in the WSOP* Main Event headed home with more dollars and a whole bunch of memories in the bank, plus with a great poker experience under their belt, competing at the highest level on the game's biggest stage.

UltimateBet - 2010-07-27 17:36:40

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