Poker School Introduction

This Poker School is intended for anyone who is interested in poker. The interest may have its origin in simple and healthy curiosity or may spring from an eagerness to begin playing poker online. The Poker School thread is rewarding for those who has no previous knowledge in the subject, and for those who knows some basics but has not yet enough knowledge to dare play online.

What Is Poker?

What is Poker? Learn about the basics of poker in our Poker School
So what is poker? What is the aim of the game? Isn't that where one hand is better than another? But what beats what? Find out here! Also read a short history of poker. How poker has become what it is today and about the possibilities with online poker. Find some reasons to play poker.

When you know what poker is, you may want to know how one poker game is played. Why not begin with Texas Hold'em?

One Hand of Texas Hold'em

One Hand of Texas Hold'em Step by step, poker guidance
Poker in general and Texas Hold'em in particular “Takes a minute to learn, and lifetime to master”. Take that minute now! Granted, it will take a few minutes and not one. However after having read this section you will know the mechanics of the game and start getting a feeling for it as well. This part is easy; continue clicking and a single hand of Texas Hold'em is broken down in 10 small steps.

The road to knowledge passes five main areas in this poke school. Perhaps you have already acquired some background or the fundamentals of poker, ad read a step-by-step exposition of how one hand of Texas Hold'em is played. The next step is to learn the basic strategy considerations. After this there are two sections on how one is to manage the stuff outside of the table, before the game starts.

Basic Strategy

Basic Strategy Learn the basic poker strategy in our Poker School
There isn't one superior poker strategy. There are no miracle systems to master the game. In a given situation, several options can be about as good options. It all depends, on the situation and how you value a number of factors. These strategy articles will teach you the basics strategy concepts. Concentrating on the easier parts, where there really are rights and wrongs. But they also introduce a sound approach to trickier parts.

These final two sections will bring up what you really need to know about poker, before you can find a good poker game. First thing first, you need to know what kind of poker that is played at the table you want to join.


Types/Structures/Formats How poker can be played
So you want to play poker, but what kind? A Pot Limit Texas Hold'em tournament is not the same thing as a Fixed Limit Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo cash game. Continue reading here and you will learn about: game types (such as Texas Hold'em or Five-Card Draw), betting structures (such as Fixed Limit or No Limit), and game formats (such as cash games or tournaments). What kind of poker do you want to play?
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Poker School Introduction
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